Saturday, 1 February 2014

My last blog post

Hello my lovelies. I am sad to say this is my last blog post. You may know about the problems I was having with my blog which made it hard for me to post and I felt like jaz beauty was all about beauty and I didn't include much fashion or lifestyle which made me want to change my blog. I went to instagram to ask you guys for a new name I put two names together and came up with "all things me". Thank you for your wonderful support and following me. Even if you just commented it means the world to me so thankyou. It would mean even more if you came to join me on my new blog so click the link and I'll see you there.
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,jaz xx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tumblr obsession

Hello my lovelies, a short one today. I happen to be strangely addicted to tumblr and when you go to the tumblr side you can't go back. It's full of awww, soo true and I can relate moments which makes me feel all the feels. I can spend hours on tumblr and not get bored so here are a few of the photos that I've been loving on there.

Definitely behind glitter gets fitter

Do you get what I meant be a soo true moment

I wish more people would see it this way
I hope you enjoyed this short post because I was stuck for ideas and spending too much time on tumblr!

jaz xxx

Friday, 17 January 2014

Pamper treats

Hello my lovelies, recently I saw sprinkleofglitter A.K.A Louise do a video on her budget pamper treats. I thought I would do something similar for my post today and show you some of the items I like to use for my pamper nights. I think pamper nights are essential on those cold winter evenings where you wanna snuggle up in some warm pjs with a hot chocolate.
I like to start by running myself a hot bath. Baths are a really lovely way to relax and are so comforting and stress relieving. Shock horror that I'm not using a lush bath bomb right now and I've decided to opt for one of these bomb cosmetics bath bombs given to me by a friend at Christmas time. These smell awesome and are slightly cheaper than the lush ones so great if your on  a budget.
    Whilst my bath is running I'll cleanse my face. It's essential to take of any makeup before you get in the bath because the steam can open up your pores. The cleanser I'm using is the ultrabland facial cleanser by lush which is what I starting using once I ran ran out of my cleanse and polish and I'm liking it so far. 
Once I've taken that off I like to buff my face a little bit with this mini mitt from soap and glory with wakes up your face and I also think it makes it feel really clean.

Can I please just add whilst doing all of this I'll be burning a candle and I wanted to share with you my new favourite scent which is beach wood by Yankee candle. This smells just like a hollister store which is quite
Once I get in the bath I like to use a face mask. I really like the Liz Earle nourishing one and the picture of this has seemed to disappear. It's quite moisturising and soothing on the face.
Once I leave my bath I tone and moisturise my face and get right to moisturising my body. After a hot bath my skin can feel a little dry and the cold weather is not doing my skin any favors so I'm using the body shop body butter peach which for any peach loving fans smells just like fresh peaches and is soo heavenly (so heavenly that I needed to o's on the so).
I also need to moisturise my hands and feet. As for hands I'm using the sanctuary hand cream which is a nice break from my regular hand food from soap and glory. It smells very spa like and quite relaxing and it leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. For feet I'm using heel genius which I also can't find the photo to but the photo might appear when I post it so look out for it. I put some of this on my feet and put on some cotton socks and when I wake up in the morning with super smooth feet.

I also need a lovely hot drink in a mug that is just as lovely. I got this friends mug for Christmas and I love friends. I've seen every one probably 3 times and I can quote a lot of them. They drink from these large yellow mugs in central perk (coffee shop) and now I have one with the logo. I like to drink hot chocolate but if I'm not in a chocolaty mood I will go with a herbal tea to help me relax.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment requests below so I know what to post. 
Jaz xxx